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The purpose of Leadership Dublin - Laurens County, Inc. is to identify existing and emerging leaders within the community, to bring them together in an atmosphere conducive to the free exchange of ideas, and to provide them with an enlightening educational experience by informing them about leadership skills and about subjects, issues, people, places, institutions, and other matters of current importance in the community.

Leadership Dublin-Laurens is committed to the proposition that developing and sustaining a vibrant community requires effective relationships between community leaders in the private and public spheres. To this end, LDL classes provide participants with myriad networking opportunities and a curriculum that facilitates personal skills development and crucial business connections that enhance the abilities of individuals and the prospects of organizations in the Middle Georgia community.


Students learn networking, presentation, and other valuable skills while becoming educated about a variety of local agencies, industries, and professions, including healthcare, law enforcement, government, and many others, from knowledgeable professionals in each field. Each class lasts one year with monthly sessions and a graduation each May. Applications are accepted each April for the next year’s class. If you are interested in learning more about LDL, please contact us

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